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Stay fit on the road with these workouts and resources!


Don't let travel interfere with your fitness routine! Use the toold below to eat healthy and keep exercising on the road!


Airplane Yoga - a little light activity for the plane

10 Foods to get you through your flight - ways to eat healthy

FitSugar Travel Fitness Apps

Eat Healthy In-flight - eat smart

Men's Health Gymfinder - find a gym on the road

Gymfinder App for Smart Phones - find a gym on the road using your phone

Healthy Dining Finder - find healthy places to eat

More Nutrition and Dining Apps

Ordering Healthy at a Restaurant - good tips

Protein Snack Ideas

Travel Takes Its Toll



Bodyweight workout - you are the barbell

Superband Workout - big rubberbands for fitness

Tube Workout

Stretch - loosen up after

Joint Mobility - healthy joints and connective tissue

Performbetter.com - where to order cool workout stuff for the road







































































































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