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  Welcome to our group exercise schedule format. For any group exercise comments, questions, or concerns; feel free to contact Sheila Sharemet, BP Fitness Program Manager.  Our weekly schedule format is used online to keep you more up to date on substitute instructors, holidays, break-week or class changes. Click on a week below to see what class is happening when. Hard copies of the monthly schedule are available in the Fitness center.


Group Exercise Announcements

  • Our program now consists of 40 classes and 2 separate Fitness Center facilities. One is located in Westlake Four and the other is located in Helios Plaza.
  • Each facility houses 2 group exercise studios.  One is a larger aerobics studio with suspended wood flooring for cardio, yoga, and karate; and the other is an indoor cycling studio with 20 bikes for participants and a bike for the instructor.
  • Class Policy - All classes are first come/first serve basis.  No need to sign up in advance.  If it is your first time attending a class, please arrive early and let the instructor know.

Class Descriptions

Boot Camp  – This may sound intimidating but it is a lot of fun and challenging for all levels.  Alternating intervals of cardio with intervals of weight training, this class will cover all of the muscles of the body in 45 minutes.  A huge calorie burner!

BOSU Step IntervalA great interval training class incorporating basic step moves with intervals, including muscle work with plyometrics, all on the BOSU Balance Trainer for balance and core training.

Cardio ComboNever get bored!  Cardio workout that combines 2 or more cardio formats that may include step, kickbox, floor aerobics, jump rope, or weights.  Format will change to reflect the needs of the class.

Core Conditioning – A 15 minute class concentrating on the muscles of the abs and back.  An additional 15 minutes of stretching may be included depending on the needs of the class.

CSI –Cardio-Strength-Interval.  This fast paced total body conditioning class is designed for all fitness levels. Muscle conditioning and cardio drills will improve muscular balance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and core strength. Using free weights, BOSU's and steps - its a great way to get in shape and have fun! 

Cycle - Combo – Instructor's Choice! This class may be a combination of intervals, sprints, hills, and/or endurance.

Cycle - Strength – a 45 minute or 60 minute ride with warm-up, long interval where you continue to build resistance and stay at 80 - 85% of max heart rate for 30 minutes or more, and cool-down.

Hatha Yoga – A class designed to balance, harmonize, and strengthen Body, Mind and Soul.

Kick Boxing – A cardio kick boxing class that will really make you sweat.  May include toning towards end of the class depending on needs of the class.

Muscle Conditioning – If you love the benefits of weight training but need the motivation you get from group workouts, this class is for you!  It is a total body workout designed to improve your muscular strength and endurance using a variety of equipment in the classroom setting.

Pilates – This class is designed to increase flexibility, build strength and tone muscles without adding bulk.  Focuses on using the core to move through each exercise.

Power Pump – An energy filled 45 minute resistance class all done to great music! We will use dumbbells, medicine balls, and resistance bands to help strengthen the body, as well as build and tone lean muscle!

Power Yoga A vigorous workout that develops strength, flexibility, and helps develop a lean body.  Students will learn Sun Salutations and flow into various postures.  Some postures held longer to maximize strength and flexibility gains, all done with the concept of mind, body, breath connection.  Modifications are suggested for all levels.  Beginners welcome!

Total Body Conditioning – A challenging workout that combines cardio and toning with step aerobics, dumbbells, and tubing to work the whole body.

Zumba® –  Zumba® fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away.









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