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How do I join the BP Fitness Center?

As part of joining the BP Fitness Center, everyone must undergo a pre-participation screening* in the form of a fitness assessment and fitness consultation which is performed by qualified Fitness Center staff members. This is done in the WL4 or Helios Plaza Fitness Center located on the ground floor of either building. Interested parties must first submit a Health Background Information form and a Physician's Clearance Letter (for 40 and older and BP Contractors/Contingent workers^). Completed forms are then reviewed by the Fitness Center staff and a fitness assessment appointment is scheduled. Listed below are the steps to the membership process:

  • Complete a Health Background Information (HBI) questionnaire. This (HBI) form can picked at the BP Fitness Center in Four Westlake (Room 115) or Helios Plaza, interoffice mailed to you, or downloaded from this website. (BP spouses are eligible to join as well).^^
  • If you are 40** years of age or older or a BP Contractor/Contingent worker^, a Physician's Clearance Letter must be completed prior to the fitness assessment. Have your physician complete the form and mail it or fax it to the BP Fitness Center. Or, your physician can give the completed clearance form to you and you can return it to the Fitness Center. This Physician’s Clearance Letter form can picked at BP Fitness Center in Four Westlake (Room 115), interoffice mailed to you, or downloaded from this website. For BP employees looking for assistance in finding a Primary Care Physician, Westlake Health and Wellness Center can be of assistance. 

  • Return completed HBI forms and Physician’s Clearance Letters (if you are 40 or older or a BP Contractor*) to the BP Fitness Center in WL4 (Room 115) or Helios Plaza.

  • If you are a BP Contract^ employee, you must also complete a Contractor Form (available in the Fitness Center or from this website).

  • Fitness assessments will be scheduled with one of the Fitness Center staff members once you have returned the completed forms.

  • Bphit participants: Your Bphit assessment can count as your fitness assessment if it has been done within the last 2 years. You still need to submit the appropriate forms above.

Why do I need a Physician's Clearance Letter?

Difference between a Commercial Gym and a Corporate Fitness Program?

*The BP Fitness Center is a voluntary program. All health information and fitness assessment data gathered is confidential. The employee and the Fitness Center staff are the only individuals allowed to access any of the above information.

^Contract employees must have a contract to be working onsite for BP in the Westlake office complex for a minimum of 4 months in order to join the Fitness Center.

**The American Heart Association defines an "apparently healthy individual" as someone < 40 years of age who have no known symptoms of or no known presences of heart disease or major coronary risk factors. We rely on an employee's personal physician to confirm the above statement is true and/or an employee is cleared to be assessed and begin exercise by signing the Physician's Clearance form. The BP Fitness Center strongly encourages employees to have a physician they see regularly as part of sensible self-care (if you haven't done so by the time your 40--you're long over due).

^^Spouses and domestic partners as defined by BP

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