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Program design and training instuction

BP Fitness Center proudly offers personal training instruction and program design service to its members.  We would like to take this opportunity to acquaint you with this service and it’s purpose.

Personal Training Instruction

  • Work one-on-one with your own personal fitness trainer at the WL 4 or HPWC workout facility. The BP Fitness Center staff will customize a workout program designed to help you achieve your specific health and fitness goals.
  • New members who have little or no experience with exercise are encouraged to schedule an appointment with one of our Fitness Specialists to create a workout program that will meet goals and time allotment.  This is also a chance to become familiar with the machines and facility.
  • For our established members, our personal training instruction sessions are intended to help you with ongoing goals and developing new, more engaging and challenging workouts.
  • For the member needing assistance with musculo-skeletal injury rehabilitation (with physician's or physical therapist's approval.) 

We would like to remind you that we service hundreds of clients so it would be extremely difficult to see people multiple times a week each and every week. Our goal is to teach you the skills to know your own body. We want help you to learn to rely on yourself for planning, executing and re-evaluating you exercise and lifestyle. We are not here to make you dependant on us for advice or to "make" you do your exercise. We will help motivate you and help you tap into what motivates you.

Contact a Fitness Center Staff Member for appointment. See Staff Link for contact info.

Go to our Getting Started link for online information about exercise and nutrition.








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