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Sheila Sharemet - Fitness Program Director

Sheila has a B.S. Degree in Health and Physical Education from Lock Haven University. She is a Certified Personal Trainer via the Baylor College of Sports Medicine. Sheila has managed the Fitness Program for over 30 years. Cycling, swimming and running are some of her favorite activities. Her areas of fitness expertise include strength training, fitness assessments and exercise testing, sports specific conditioning, triathlon training, minor injury care and rehabilitation, health and wellness presenting and working with the beginning exerciser.




Jason Hebert- WL4 Fitness Specialist

Jason has a B.S. Degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. He is NASM CPT & PES certified.  He works with a wide range of clients from novice to advanced athletes.  Jason enjoys finding people's limits and exploding through their barriers. Jason wants to teach others how to make the most out their time when it comes to training.  Jason enjoys driving his motorcycle and anything that involves the outdoors.





Mike Bina - WL4 Fitness Specialist

Mike has a B.A. in Exercise Science as well as a M.A. in Leadership Studies from North Central College in Naperville, IL. He has over 6 years of experience in personal training with the combination of coaching and athletic development training. Mike enjoys working with people from all walks of life and uses his coaching mentality and philosophy to help them reach levels they never thought were possible. His leadership has helped guide several people towards their goals of losing weight, becoming more fit or changing their lifestlyle. Mike’s coaching experience includes 5 Track and Field NCAA National Championships, most recently from Texas A&M in 2011. He is an outdoors kind of guy and enjoys everything from playing any sport, riding horses, boating, and running the ToughMudder races. Mike is currently studying for his CSCS certification and wants to use his experience and knowledge help you achieve your goals.








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