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motherhood Postpartum Period and beyond

Articles about the postpartum period and motherhood (weight loss and overall health)




8 Bathtub Activities - baby bath fun!

Fear of Shots - yikes!

The Anti-choking Sheet - advice that's easy to swallow

You Can't Be Too Safe - you really can't



Diaper Bag Checklist - what you both need

Positive Changes For The New Year

Managing Your Mother-in-law - she's not sooooo baaaaad

The Unexpected Benefits Of Being a Mother - the unexpected to expect when your expecting

Finding Your Personal Indentity As A Mom



Find Time for You -- even super mom needs a break

How To Survive Seperation Anxiety -- tears at daycare drop-off

Self Esteem -- building confidence and nurturing independance in your child

Post-Partum Depression Vs ThyroiditisAn article concerning the possibility of developing thyroid issues after giving birth and its connection to post-partum depression.

All about post-partum depression – PPD is different than the “baby blues”.  This article from the March of Dimes is an excellent resource for any new mom in the postpartum period.


How soon after baby can you exercise?  This article has lots of helpful tips and precautions.


Abdominal exercises for the third trimester and postpartum


Breastfeeding and exercise – Exercise is fine for mom and the nursing baby


Breastfeeding and weight loss – Is it okay to diet while nursing? Yes, if some precautions are taken.


Breastfeeding & Dieting – Research Says You Can Do Both – Another article about losing weight while breastfeeding


Exercises for Mom and Baby – Includes baby massage techniques and exercises mom and baby can do together


12 foods for new moms – These foods are a must for a new mom, especially if she is breastfeeding.


Tips for exercise after becoming a parent – A recent study showed that becoming a parent reduced exercise time in women, but not men.  Learn ways to reverse this trend.


Stroller Fit (Houston) – Exercise with your baby or toddler.  Stroller Fit meets at Terry Hershey Park or Memorial City Mall so West Houston moms have an inside or outside option for workouts.  Links to Stroller Fit in Katy and other areas of Houston can also be found on this website.


Stroller Strides (Houston) – Another option for exercising with your child.  Stroller Strides meets at Bear Creek Park and other locations in the Houston area. 




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