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    After-sale Service
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    1, in order to strictly in accordance with the contract to do the service work, the company designated by the technical department, the business department to send someone to be responsible for the work of the contact service tender goods, to ensure the smooth flow of 24 hours. 

    Contact: Lei Jie: Office Tel: 0372-2781333 18037214728 Fax: 0372-2780730 

    2, before delivery to the goods quality, specifications, performance, quantity and so on a comprehensive inspection, each batch of product quality assurance and inspection certificate. According to the tender documents and the standard of Ministry of Railways and the production drawings, production of bidding goods according to the contract delivery requirements, ensure the quality and quantity, bidding, material delivery schedule, often implement specific delivery plan and date and contact the buyer, the buyer to ensure the construction progress, as a result of our supply caused by the construction site downtime, we bear all the resulting economic responsibility. 

    3, the tender after shipment, each batch of goods by full-time staff on-site delivery straight to acceptance, if the quality of the product shortage or resolved in a timely manner by my company to bear all the economic responsibility at the same time, the buyer can send goods at random will bid "Academy of Railway Sciences products quality inspection center" test. 

    4, in order to ensure the bidding materials use effect, the company is committed to product warranty for an overhaul period of the warranty period, the company is committed to product implementation of "Three Guarantees", responsible for any defective products, at the same time commitment of liability for breach of contract, for any quality problems or not according to the contract according to the delivery of a claim under special conditions the contract. 

    5, technical services and training. In order to ensure the bidding materials at the construction site of the correct installation and use, the company promised to send technical service personnel for technical services and provide free on-site training, training manuals, to use to master the technical installation and maintenance. Our company guarantee to do for you "supply qualified products, provide thoughtful service", and strive to make our greatest contribution to the construction of the railway.

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